Classification Bagel
Gender Male
Age 12
Occupation Unemployed
Real world information
First appearance The Bagel Show
Voice actor IAmBagel


Bagel is one of John the Marksman's allies. He is also the protagonist of his own show, The Bagel Show. In The Book of John, Bagel first officially debuted in Time Teleportation II during Collector's flashback, where the future John murdered him. Bagel was voiced and created by IAmBagel.


Early lifeEdit

Bagel was born in a distant planet called Foodtopia, a planet where all foods didn't eat each other. When Bagel was only 8-weeks-old, a giant Dark Mouth was going to eat the planet in 10 minutes, so the president of Foodtopia chose 20 of food babies, including Bagel, to be sent into outer space in a space pod to continue their race.

Bagel's childhood was spent in the space pod. He learned how to walk, speak, and other things. But one day, he accidentally made a hole in the pod and he ended up drifting into space.

Events in The Bagel ShowEdit

After about a year of drifting, Bagel fell into the planet Earth and after falling, he realized he got serious fire burns from it but before he could do anything, he fainted. He ended up in a odd looking house, and it was there he met Invader Rob. Invader Rob and Bagel soon became friends and met the other citizens.


Bagel has many positive personality traits. He is tranquil, jovial, and audacious. Bagel always owns up to his actions. Bagel also appears to be generally a team player, and is very flexible about working in a team. He also has developed lasting friendships with members of the super-hero community, having a long-known partnerships with Invader Rob, Chrome, and more.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Bagel has no authentic powers, but he does wield his cane, which became his signature weapon in The Book of John.