Fort Pooda
Appearance(s): The Book of John
Nick Fanon: Highest Evil
Mayor: Donald Trump
Population: 1,000,000
Established: 1898
Country: United States
State: California
Motto: "Dump the bodies in the river and not the streets"

Fort Pooda is a fictional city located on the west coast of the United States in California. It is the main setting in The Book of John. The population of one million people is divided into twenty-seven districts, which are home to movie and television studios, multi-million dollar estates, and crack-ridden ghettos. The most infamous street in the city is 120 Knowledge Street, which contains a predominantly Russian population. The city is a mix between working-class and middle-class. The area is primarily made up of various low-rise apartments, brownstones, regular terraced houses, factories, bars, and stores.


The mayor of Fort Pooda is the closeted homosexual Donald Trump, who won the election against Bill Gates in 2007.


Print mediaEdit

The city's only newspaper is the Beetle Bugle. First mentioned in Time Teleportation I, the newspaper has been "promoting filthy values" for over fifty years.


Fort Pooda has a rampant crime rate and is known as the "worst place in the United States" because of this. The main problem for the city is the organized crime, and in particular the problem of gangs.