"Greasy Money"
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode: 4
Airdate: February 28, 2013
Writer(s): KM
Storyboards by: KM
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"Greasy Money" is the fourth episode of season one in the animated television series The Book of John. In the episode, John the Marksman enters an eating contest to find out that one of his opponents is a longtime enemy of his, Chrome.


The streets of Fort Pooda are protracted and strenuous. Jogging is simply a pain in the ass because you will end up getting lost in a cluster of roads, and then probably raped in the woods by sunset. The only secure way of transportation is the unicycle, but that's too gay, so John the Marksman attempts to raise money to buy a car, specifically the new Samsung Nokia Model AT&T.

John's mercenary contracts do not earn him enough money, so John registers himself into Fort Pooda's Annual Food Fest, where people compete in various competitions, one which involves eating any food that crosses your path. The winner earns a check of $6,000, more than enough money to buy the Samsung Nokia Model AT&T.

John joins the competition, but to his surprise, one of the fellow competitors was the robot Chrome, an old enemy of John's. John met Chrome during the middle of August in 2003. Chrome was oxidized and needed some oil, but John deliberately gave Chrome sulfuric acid, and Chrome's metal body started to turn into a bluish green. Every since then, John took pleasure in tormenting Chrome.

When the competition started, Chrome was already ahead of everyone. Since Chrome was a robot, he couldn't eat the food. However, he was outfitted with a citric acid launcher, dissolving practically all the food that crossed his path. John, however, wasn't going to let this be a setback, so he came up with an elaborate plan. John killed everyone in the contest except Chrome, as bullets wouldn't do the job. However, John was immediately disqualified and arrested. Chrome won the competition, and John cried in his lonesome jail cell that night.


  • The name of the car is a reference to four telecommunications companies.
  • Chrome's appearance has changed drastically from his original appearance.