Jonah the Crackhead
"Fo' shizzle my nizzle"
Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Residence Homeless
Relatives John the Marksman (cousin)
Affiliation Pig Men Mafia
Occupation Unemployed
Real world information
Voice actor Snoop Dogg

Jonah the Crackhead is John the Marksman's futile cousin. Jonah the Crackhead is a severe enthusiast of crack cocaine, hence his name. He first made his debut in The Book of John in the third episode of season one, The Shitty Warrior.


Early lifeEdit

Jonah's history is very inconceivable. No one, not even John, knew who Jonah's parents actually were. He had an anonymous African American mother who sold him in an auction as a child.

Later in his life, Jonah was continuously arrested but was eventually bailed out by members of the Pig Men Mafia, who Jonah was affiliated with. This would backfire on Jonah, however, as he would soon owe a large amount of money to the mob from his gambling issues.

Events in The Book of JohnEdit

Jonah was homeless and broke in Fort Pooda. He was offered a place to crash when John came across him on the streets. However, John regretted this when mobsters from the Pig Men Mafia were ordered to murder Jonah. Jonah was protected by John but was subsequently shot in the leg by him for being a dick. John then bought Jonah a ticket to Jiggazas City.

Later lifeEdit

The Pig Men Mafia eventually caught up to Jonah in Jiggazas City and he was murdered brutally.


Jonah the Crackhead is exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality and social standings.

Powers and abilitiesEdit