"Shooting Inside of Web"
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode: 5
Airdate: February 29, 2013
Writer(s): KM
Storyboards by: KM
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"Shooting Inside of Web" is the fifth episode of season one in the animated television series The Book of John. In the episode, John the Marksman depicts how he met Web, one of John's most potent allies.


In early 2001, John the Marksman was on an essential operation. He had recently slaughtered a cluster of mobsters in Nicktropolis, and now he has to take a poop really badly. The closest bathroom stall is inside a Mama Luigi's Pizzeria, but it is also the most treacherous, as Mama Luigi's Pizzeria is a front for the YouTube Poop Mob. John decided to take the easy way out and head down Gaylord's Road so he could take a poop inside an elevator of a ghetto apartment complex, four blocks from where he is. However, John's life would forever be changed when he crossed paths with Web...

John's stipulation was worsening. His simple condition had now excelled into diarrhea. If John didn't hurry quickly, he would poop himself. However, John was practically there until he was unsuspectingly tripped by Web, a soon-to-be ally, but current adversary in the eyes of John. After a brief staring contest, rap battle, and a yo mama brawl, the two began to go at!