The Book of John
Started July 11, 2012‎
Episodes 6
Seasons 1
Channels KM TV

The Book of John is an American animated television series created by KM, produced by KM Publishing and airs on KM TV. It is the 2012 spin-off of The Collector Show. The series stars John the Marksman, who has just moved into a new apartment on 120 Knowledge Street in Fort Pooda. The show was originally cancelled on January 1, 2013, due to low viewership, however, the show was renewed by KM Publishing on February 25, 2013. The series takes place in 2015 in the Nickelodeon Fanonverse.


Season oneEdit

Title card # Title Airdate
1 New Friends, Old Problems February 25, 2013
John the Marksman moves into his new apartment on 120 Knowledge Street, Fort Pooda, but encounters troubles along the way.
2 Cyberterrorists February 26, 2013
John the Marksman attempts to create an email account to contact his old friend Collector.
3 The Shitty Warrior February 27, 2013
John runs into his homeless cousin of the streets, Jonah the Crackhead.
4 Greasy Money February 28, 2013
John enters an eating contest to find out that one of his opponents is a longtime enemy of his, Chrome.
5 Shooting Inside of Web February 29, 2013
John depicts how he met Web, one of John's most potent allies.
6 Time Teleportation I March 29, 2013
John goes into the future.
7 Time Teleportation II April 9, 2013
John gets rescued by a familiar face in the future.