The Contact
Alias Anonymous
Classification Human
Gender Male
Residence Unknown
Affiliation The Union
John the Marksman
Occupation Assassin agency manager
Real world information
Voice actor Tom Hanks

Mr. Contact (future)

The Contact, also known as Mr. Contact, is John the Marksman's Irish employer. He works by receiving tasks from clients and later contacting known hitmen and then delivering instructions to them on who to kill. The Contact is associated with numerous Fort Pooda-based crime syndicates.


The Contact was born in Ireland in 1973, and moved to the U.S. sometime before 2001. He is 90% Irish with some Canadian heritage. He was the firstborn child and had younger brothers. The Contact was always involved in family conflicts with his younger brothers. He has a criminal record, being arrested in 1999 for armed robbery and public lewdness.

He originally made his income from loansharking and racketeering in Fort Pooda in 2002, before quitting the business in 2004.

Later lifeEdit

The Contact later runs various businesses in Nick City, Florida, under the alias of Mr. Contact. He is a well-regarded and feared man, with various power and control throughout the city.

Alternate timelineEdit

Revealed in Time Teleportation III, the Contact works for John in the Union, which is ironic.


The Contact is very cynical and often talks to John using a sardonically condescending tone to remind him of his precarious position; he also doesn't hesitate to ask John to kill somebody and speaks of violent actions and occurrences with a cold and uncaring demeanor.


  • His actual name is never revealed.