"Time Teleportation II"
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode: 7
Airdate: April 9, 2013
Writer(s): KM
Storyboards by: KM
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"Time Teleportation II" is the seventh episode of season one in the animated television series The Book of John. In the episode, John the Marksman gets rescued by a familiar face in the future.


John the Marksman awoke inside a fetid jail cell. He was profoundly perplexed and thought he was ordained for death, considering his current state of affairs. Fortunately, fate kicks off when a correctional officer brings John his food, mashed potatoes with mustard. However, within one of the potatoes were an explosive and a key. John inconsiderately uses the bomb as a blunt weapon and knocks out one of the guard's unconscious, coincidentally triggering the bomb to go off. The strength and force of the bomb immobilizes John, but he is unknowingly liberated by bribed officers.

John then awoke hours later on a contented divan, with several silhouette figures studying him. One of the men emerged out of the shadows with a gun pointed directly at John. After an epigrammatic questioning, the man, as well as his whole group, lowered their weapons and the man revealed himself to be Collector, John's best friend.

Collector revealed much to John, and that the same set of events of history were repeating themselves. Collector explained that in this reality, the planet of Earth has been utterly controlled by an unsympathetic tyrant known as John the Marksman. Collector explained that back in 2007, when John originally disappeared into the time mechanism, he was gone for ten years and considered dead. When he returned in 2017, he was a changed man with different goals and behaviors.

As a result of John's totalitarianism, civilization has turned into a monotonous mad world, and the few who rebel are killed by John, including his dearest friends. One of those victims was Bagel, an original friend of John's. Collector continued to explain that he was able to form a covert underground rebellion that fights for tranquility and autonomy.

After realizing his own fate and future as an unsympathetic tyrant, John was keen to make a difference, and would murder his future self if necessary. However, Collector interrupted John to tell him that his future self is far more powerful than him. As Collector proceeded, an intruder alarm went off. The future John, Oblivion, was invading the rebellions hideout.

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