Web's alternate human form after season two
Alias Epic Nerd
Classification Human/Lakitu Mix
Gender Male
Age 12-ish
Residence Warner Studios, Hollywood
Relatives Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (step-siblings)
Fluttershy (spouse)
Pets Knuckles, Sandy, Nelson (cats)
Leonidas, Axel (birds)
Tails (dog)
Occupation Unemployed
Real world information
Voice actor Theweb0123
Nancy Cartwright (on occasions)


Web is a two-dimensional programmed sprite, and one of John the Marksman's best friends. Web is a mix of the human race and the Lakitus species, despite the fact that he was never fundamentally born, but produced. Web was created by The Real Slim Shady. Similar to John the Marksman, Web has also made cameos in a cluster of other shows. Web made his debut in The Book of John in the fifth episode of season one, Shooting Inside of Web.


Early lifeEdit

Web was not born, he was programmed. His purpose was to be an assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom Advance, but the game got scrapped. Most of the carts were destroyed or changed to be for other games. Web was the only surviving bit of data, as he escaped in a Mega Man & Bass cartridge. Now he lives in a Game Boy Advance but he can come to the real world at any time due to a programming oversight and Edward Elric.

Later lifeEdit

Web gets a job as a programmer for Nintendo, making great games like Mario Kart Ultra and Super Smash Bros Slam! He retired at 70. When he was 90, he died of old age, but he was revived and given immortality by some kind of external force, possibly a wish or some mushy crap like that.


Web can sometimes be tranquil, humorous, random, and flirty. However, he is also seen being assertive and often downright fight-hungry at points.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Web knows various fighting styles and moves, such as the Hadoken, the Kikoken, the Sonic Boom, the Tiger Shot, the Air Slasher, the Metallic Sphere, the Falcon Punch, and many others.

Web has a small arsenal of weapons, such as the Proton Cannon, the Mega Buster, the Soul Edge, and the Master Sword. Web's signature weapon is the Rainbow Blade. The Rainbow Blade can effortlessly cut through anything and grant the user supersonic speed, however, it must be channeling magic (which requires total concentration) to do so. Otherwise, the Rainbow Blade functions like a regular sword.