Wight Serpremasist
Alias Mr. Serpremasist
Nickname Wigga S.
Classification Human
Gender Male
Age 40
Residence Fort Pooda, California
Affiliation National Association of Assholes
Occupation Business magnate
Real world information
First appearance The Book of John
Voice actor Robin Williams

Wight Serpremasist, also known as Mr. Serpremasist, is the founder of the National Association of Assholes. He first appears in the episode Time Teleportation I, where John the Marksman attempts to assassinate him. When he failed, Wight brutally beat John in a fistfight and sent him inside the time mechanism.


Wight Serpremasist is extremely gluttonous and parsimonious. His only interest is to acquire wealth, and he could not care less for anyone else or even himself. He is deceitful and devious, and can never be trusted. He is a power-hungry and sadistic villain.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Wight possesses no actual powers. He is only proficient in basic hand-to-hand combat. Wight is also noted to possess good reflexes and speed, particularly with his hand movements.